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Ashleigh House
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Project: Self-build 2-storeys dwelling in Clondalkin, Dublin 22     Date: 2007 - 2009     Job Description: Design & Planning Services, Project Management.

Section and construction details of a self-build and of terrace dwelling in Clondalkin, Dublin 22  

The Brief

Our clients had a large side garden next to their house. They were willing to build an end of terrace dwelling attached to their existing house. They were looking for an open plan dining/kitchen with a separated playroom at rear, a utility room and WCs at side, entry hall and lounge at front. At first floor they were interested to have 4 bedrooms with a large bathroom and one ensuite. The attic space was to be used as a storage room.



The Project

The location, within an existing housing estate, restricted the design of the facades which had to match the existing dwellings. We proposed a canopy and a front porch to animate the front facade without conflicting with the existing dwellings. Answering to our clients' brief, we extended the proposal along the site boundary. During the afternoon to the evening, the site orientation optimises the amount of direct sun light within the dining / kitchen and the playroom at rear. Due to their locations the lounge and entry hall were limited to morning direct sun light. However, the clients decided to install an aquarium within the partition separating the dining area and the lounge, creating a visual communication and permitting sun light to travel between the two rooms


 Floor plan of a self-build end of terrace house in Clondalkin, Dublin 22


Elevation of a self-build end of terrace house in Clondalkin, Dublin 22

The Construction

Our clients organized the construction of the dwelling using direct labours as well as qualified tradesmen to carry out the site work. A dozen of contractors were involved with the construction from start to finish. This enterprise was not an easy task for a couple working full time with 3 children and little experience in building and developing. We supervised the construction and assisted our clients to ensure good workmanship and compliance with Building Regulations and Planning Permission. The house was completed within 16 months. The clients have passed through difficult times during the construction process, but they are now rewarded with a large, agreeable and comfortable end of terrace dwelling.



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