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Project: Change of use from retail to Indian and Nepalese Restaurant in Clontarf.     Date: February 2020 to February 2022      Job Description: Design, Planning, Fire Safety Certificate, Disability Access Certificate, Project Management, certification

Indian and Nepalese Restaurant Change of Use Dublin

The Brief

CK Architecture received a request to conceptualize the renovation of a compact office space destined to become an Indian/Nepalese restaurant. The client, who also owned the unit, approached the firm for their expertise and experience with the change of use of existing buildings for restaurants. Situated as a standalone structure adjacent to a railway track, the building had its origins as a train station ticket desk constructed by Irish Rail. The building is located at the junction of a main road and a laneway in Clontarf. Following the closure of the station, the single-story edifice was subsequently sold. The building had a gross floor area of approximatly 35 sqm. The client's requirements included the creation of a new storage area to rear, optimizing seating capacity for customers, as well as the installation of a fully-equipped kitchen.

The Project

The location and size of the unit posed significant challenges for the project. With limited parking facility in the area, CK Architecture proposed that the client develop a business plan affirming the restaurant's intended service for the neighboring dwellings. The designed space accommodated 14 seats within the restaurant, a wheelchair-accessible restroom, a fully-equipped commercial kitchen and a storage area built to rear. A design & build engineer was appointed for the ventilation, heating, fire alarm and detection systems. A non-heated flat roof storage area, totaling 5 sqm, was constructed to rear, serving as the location for the restaurant cold room and maintenance storage. The overall design incorporated an upgrade to the building thermal envelope, including windows, walls, and roof, in compliance with building regulations. The existing entry door, initially problematic for fire safety compliance, was relocated to open in the exit direction. During the planning phase, the local authority requested further information regarding the restaurant deliveries. Ultimately, the laneway was approved as an acceptable delivery point.


  Commercial Restaurant Clontarf

Restaurant Dublin 3



The Construction

The onset of COVID-19 resulted in backlogs for the processing of fire safety certificate applications, leading to significant delays in certificates issuance. Additionally, the pandemic contributed to an increase in construction costs, prompting the client to postpone the commencement of the works. Construction activities commenced in August 2021 and reached completion in February 2022. A general building contractor was engaged for the construction works, while a design and build engineering team was retained to install essential services such as heating, ventilation, and fire alarm systems. CK Architecture assumed the roles of PSDP (Project Supervisor for Design Stage) and assigned certifier. The client took charge of procuring all kitchen equipment, furniture, and decorative materials, assuming the main decorator role for the restaurant. The design, fabrication and installation of the restaurant fascia was carried out by a graphic designer.


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