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Project: Single storey rear extension, Lucan     Date: March 2010 - Sept 2010     Job Description: Design & Project Management.

Section and construction details of the single storey extension exempt from planning permission in Lucan, County Dublin  

The Brief

Our clients were looking for an architect to design an extension for the enlargement of their dining / kitchen area, which had a gross floor area of only 17 square metres. The dwelling was a semi-detached 3 bedrooms house located in Lucan, Co. Dublin; It was probably built during the 1990's and it was never extended. The clients favoured an extension exempted from planning permission to avoid delays and for construction to start during the summer.



The Project

Answering our clients' brief, we proposed to remove partially the existing fašade at ground floor, for a conventional rectangular extension to be attached to the rear. The 24 square metres construction helps to provide for a 36 square metres dinning / kitchen / sitting room area and for a new utility room. Bricks were used to compose the rear fašade and glazed panels extend to the roof ridge level. A skylight helps for sun light penetration. The hallway was extended and a new utility room added next to the existing WC. New kitchen units participate to the composition of the new layout. The largely glazed rear fašade is now inviting the sun light within the dwelling. It also creates a relationship between the small rear garden and the new room.


 Floor plan of the single storey extension exempt from planning permission in Lucan, County Dublin


Section drawing of the single storey extension exempt from planning permission in Lucan, County Dublin

The Construction

For the construction of this small project, the clients received 4 quotes from different building contractors. They appointed the company that issued the lowest quote. It was also a contractor who worked on 3 others of our designs in the Dublin area. The construction works started at the end of June 2010 and the extension was completed 3 month later, at the end of September. We carried out regular inspections during the construction process. We also organised the building contract and acted as mediators betwen the clients and the contractor. All painting and decorating were carried out by the owners.



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