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Project: Change of use and refurbishment for Apache Pizza in Rush, Co. Dublin     Date: July 2015 to June 2017      Job Description: Design, Planning, Fire Safety Certificate, Disability Access Certificate, Project Management, Certification

Change of use for Pizzeria, Rush Co. Dublin

The Brief

During the summer 2015, CK Architecture was approached by a manager of Apache Pizza, in order to advise on a commercial unit for use as a pizzeria in the main street of Rush Co. Dublin. The unit is located at ground floor of an old terraced 2 storey building. It was previously used as the sitting area from an adjacent restaurant. The unit has a rear access through a courtyard. It has a total gross floor area of 52 square metres. It was built as an independent unit which was later linked to an adjacent restaurant. We advised the clients that an extension may be required for the development, as the limited floor area may not provide enough space for the activities of a pizzeria take-away, with all required storage, oven, preparation areas, washing areas, fridges and freezers. We also confirmed that planning permission would be required for the change of use, as well as a new fire safety certificate and a disability access certificate. Apache Pizza purchased the unit lease subject to planning permission being granted for the pizzeria.

The Project

To keep control of the construction cost, the clients decided not to extend the building, but to build an external detached cold room instead. The design included for a deep refurbishment with new connections to the gas main, new fire alarm and prevention system, new fire protection for the first floor apartment, new layout to suit the pizzeria and more. A planning application was lodged in September 2015. It received many objections from businesses which were opposed to new competition in the neighbourhood. The local authority refused planning permission in December 2015, on the ground that many take-away were already in operation in the center of Rush and that some of the existing businesses already proposed pizzas to take-away. An appeal to An Bord Pleanala was lodged in January 2016. An Bord Pleanala decided that no other businesses in Rush proposed pizzas similar to Apache Pizzas. Planning permission was granted in July 2016.


  Change of use for a Pizzeria in Dublin

Change of use for Apache Pizza in Rush



The Construction

CK Architecture designed the project for compliance with building regulations. CK Architecture applied for the fire safety certificate and the disability access certificate which were granted in January 2017. Doran Professional Services Consultant Engineer, was appointed to design the ventilation system. CK Architecture was appointed as the assigned certifier in compliance with the "Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014. CK Architecture was also appointed as the PSDP in compliance with the "Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013". The construction works started during February 2017 and were completed in July. The pizzeria opened in September 2017.


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